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Deaf Rave Festival 2021
25th September 2pm - 6pm

Streaming live online and from London's iconic venue, Fabric London

Founder and Curator of Deaf Rave, Troi Lee, from London UK, has compiled a day full of the best Deaf Performers from here in the UK and across the world.
Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and the Caribbean will be joining our favourite UK Deaf Performers to make this our best ever online live streaming Deaf Rave Festival.
Troi Lee aka DJ Chinaman has been working tirelessly on this Festival along with his crew the Deaf Rave Collective (DRC) to make sure their audience has a fun-filled afternoon of Music, Sign Song, Mime, VV Performances, Dance and much much more!
For nearly 20 years Troi Lee has been breaking down barriers to provide platforms and promote all Deaf Artists and Performers by enabling them to have the opportunity to showcase their unique talents.
Troi believes music and performances should be available for everyone to enjoy, that's why the Deaf Rave Festival is fully accessible to all.
The Festival will have Interpreters, Voice overs and a Palantypist supplying Subtitles.
Troi's message is that the Deaf Rave Festival welcomes everyone!
Troi hopes that by promoting their own unique Deaf/Disabled identity, he can educate the world about Deaf Culture and Sign Language.
The Deaf Rave Festival promises to be an event not to be missed.

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