Fuji-Q Highland

Desperation Fortress 3

Composed and arranged music

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Open on Friday, July 27thDesperation Fortress 3

Since its first appearance in 2012, "desperation fortress" who has been desperate for 1.8 million people as a murrige Attraction that can not be captured 99.9999%
This summer, AI (artificial intelligence) became a full Attraction and full renewal!

The stage is a laboratory converted to a fortress that was hijacked by a runaway AI and no one can enter.
The challenger to stop the movement of the AI ​​"Alcon" that dominates the fortress to regain the laboratory
We have to clear various missions.

It has challenged hopeless fortress so far, only about 6 pairs of 16 people out of about 1.8 million who could completely clear.
Please desperately despair at the desperation fortress 3 which evolves to hopeless difficulty.

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