Eiichi Saeki


a.k.a The PBJ / a.k.a LCA Creative Service
Music Producer/Composer/Arranger

Born on December 10th.In 2006, after independently moving to the United Kingdom, Eiichi began working with music professionally by directing music in various film productions and fashion shows.
His other works include composing and arranging music for the televised commercial for SHISEIDO IBUKI (aired in the U.S.A and Europe), the theme song for Nippon TV's 60th Anniversary commemorative theatrical play Sanada Ten Braves, the PlayStation Award 2012, the mixed martial arts event RIZIN, and also composing and arranging music for major music artists. Whether he is under the name as the individual artist, The PBJ, or as a part of the music production team, LCA Creative Service, Eiichi is continuously expanding his productions as a new age track-maker throughout the local industry in Japan, and also on a global scale.
In recent years, he have received requests for a variety of styles, which has proactively expanded my field of production.
Progressively pursuing music with the highest entertainment value, Eiichi aspires to be becoming a cutting-edge music artist.

LCA Creative Service(2013-Present)


LCA Creative Service has been providing collaborative services that deals with audio source production, arrangement, acoustic effects, Multi Audio,audio mixing, and mastering by a team of experienced creators of various professions.
Provided with a team of specialized creators, they have arranged their productivity to the various needs of composing music for music artists,games, and corporate commercials and video packages.
As the representative of LCA Creative Services, Eiichi is currently developing alternative music business opportunities.

The PBJ(2006-Present)


Granted with the experience of producing music commercially, and utilizing his specialty in analyzing music, Eiichi has transcended into his own independent project that has gained him recognition as an intellectually-minded artist.
With his techniques that he has perfected over the years, combined with an assembly of specialists in the industry, he has reestablished with this outstanding team to become Asia's No.1 EDM artist, and of course to win the Grammy Award.
In 2005, while living in London, Eiichi's first work that debuted his career as a music composer made the top 10 charts in the electronica genre on iTunes.
In 2010, Eiichi was chosen out of 700 other competing artists to perform on the newcomer stage at the largest indoor music festival, Wire10.
His talent even attracted Neil McLellan, producer of The Prodigy, to bring about an opportunity for a possible producing job.
Eiichi's choice of rhythm and tones goes beyond the local Japanese style, engaging in dubstep, house, new-wave, electro, breakbeats, and various other new forms of dance music, and interweaving vocal chains with beautiful melodies. While directly responding to the international EDM scene, and in hopes to establish a fresh wave of world-class EDM, his 3rd album was released in 2016.
His 3rd album, Luminosity Abundance, hit 2nd on the dance chart, and 11th on the overall chart on iTunes.